Welcome, to Calm Camping.

A curated blog site for all those camping enthusiasts out there. If camping is an interest of yours or something you’re trying to get into – don’t be afraid to take a short trip down to a lush, tranquil forest. I’ve made some of the best memories sitting by a campfire over a long weekend, with friends.

I’m Dianne, a 20-something-year-old avid camper, with my boyfriend, Harley, we created a blog to document our past travels. Taking full advantage of the Australian Outback and proving that it’s not as scary as most people think.

Camping is a great way to get yourself back to basics and switch off from reality for a little while. And not to mention the endless possibilities to occupy your time, there’s plenty to do like hiking, photography, fishing and the list goes on. So, go on, get out there, camp underneath the stars on a cold night.┬áIt’s a moment you’ll treasure forever and an experience worth trying, at least once.